Development Productivity

Keep Teams and Processes Moving

Productivity Assistant

Continuous Productivity Improvements for Teams

Engineering bottlenecks slow down whole teams. They are hard to spot for individuals. Logilica Insights automates process bottleneck alerts and shares insights with the whole team.

Autonomous Process Guardrails

Process Assistant

Quickly see and track if processes are followed. Are all tasked review? Is the approval process followed? How much work is successfully merged into the main branch? Team members can set alerts, managers can ensure guardrails and teams run more smoothly.

Know When to Act

Productivity Notification

Always stay in the loop. Receive role-dependent alerts and insights. Be aware of missing reviews, blocked Pull Requests or long running tasks. Act in time and keep teams moving.

Unblock Teams

Unblocking Assistant

Quickly identify all long running or blocked Pull Requests. See in which state they are stuck. Set alerts for the team to be aware of this. Manage proactively across teams and projects.

Know What is Happening

Know Your Activity Focus

Logilica's deep analytics extrapolates the type of work the team is focussed on. Is this new work or maintenance? Are devs unsure about requirements leading to a lot of short-term rework? Validate your expectations with data.

Feedback Loops

Learn How to Improve

Understand what and where the process bottlenecks are. Approval bottleneck? Not enough knowledgeable reviewers? Too much parallel work? Work as a team to improve and run more smoothly.

Drill Deeper. Identify Causes.

Logilica Insights uniquely connects high-level views down to the original data evidence.

Follow the Evidence

Unlike BI and charting tools Logilica's preserves the chain of evidence to the underlying data. Teams can easily identify and stop specific issues before they impact everyone.

Continuous Insights. Continuous Improvements.