Development Velocity

Move Fast. Deliver Fast.

Logilica Velocity Assistant
Improve Cycle Times

Continuous Team Velocity Improvements

A high and consistent team velocity is critical for predictable delivery and meeting deadline. Logilica Insights helps you in measuring and improving cycle times and reduce process friction.

Track Delivery Velocity

Cycle Time Assistant

Quickly see and track your cycle times from first commit to integration back into the main branch. Understand where time is lost, what the bottlenecks are and how to improve team velocity.

Investigate Bottlenecks

Learn How to Improve

Logilica helps you to identify causes of long cycle times and aids you in fixing this. We highlight outliers and anomalies, so you can continuously learn and improve over time.

Improvements Over Time

Measure Success

Continuously stay on top of progress over time. Create and share success stories with your teams. Use data-driven engineering for decision making and assist asynchronous team management.

Know When to Act

Velocity Notification

Always stay in the loop. Receive role-dependent alerts and insights. Be aware of long running cycles, blockers and bottlenecks. Act in time and keep teams moving.

Drill Deeper. Identify Causes.

Logilica Insights uniquely connects high-level views down to the original data evidence.

Follow the Evidence

Unlike BI and charting tools Logilica's preserves the chain of evidence to the underlying data. Teams can easily identify and stop specific issues before they impact everyone.

Continuous Insights. Continuous Improvements.