Static Analysis and SAST Services

Static Analysis (SAST) Services

By the Creators of Analyzers
Static Analysis, SAST, Formal Methods

A Team of SAST Experts

LOGILICA was created by a team of SAST experts, who previously founded the Goanna Static Analyzer and post-acquisition went on to work in the core team of the Coverity/Synopsys SAST product.

We have deep expertise in computer science, formal methods and software development. We also have extensive experience in bringing products to market.

We help our clients from best SAST practices, tailoring and DevOps integration to fully fledged SAST tool development from the ground up.

Extensions and New SAST Solutions

Custom Solutions

We customize static analysis solutions for your business. From custom extensions to new company tailored rules for most leading SAST products in the market.

LOGILICA also has the unique expertise in building new and in-house SAST solutions from the ground up.

Training, Dev(Sec)OpS, Integration

Training & Integration

LOGILICA provides training and services around SAST integration, tool chain setups, best practices and Dev(Sec)Ops efficiency.

We have deep knowledge of most major vendor products and can give you vendor-independent guidance for your best SAST solution. This means cost efficient vendor choices and company specific tool chains for high-velocity teams.

LOGILICA assist you with designing your DevOps and DevSecOps SAST integrations. We ensure smooth operations within your exisiting enterprise eco-system.

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