Software Team Health

Create Healthy Development Teams

Team Health Assistant
Keep Teams Happy and Productive

Continuous Insights into Burnout and Isolation Signs

Remote and asynchronous development teams can easily get burnt out or become isolated from their team members. As a result, this contributes to health issues, decline in productivity and effects on team happiness. Logilica Insights monitors, and alerts for these indicators in time.

Monitor for Developer Overload

WIP Assistant

Quickly see and track how many work in progress (WIP) tasks the team has and how they are contributed. Imbalances are natural for brief periods, but become aware of consistent unhealthy patterns. Managers can set alerts, ensure healthy margin and support data-driven resource allocations.

Know When to Act

Team Health Notification

Always stay in the loop. Receive role-dependent alerts and insights. Be aware of overworked teams and team members. Monitor for uneven workloads. Get weekly summary emails to act in time for keeping teams healthy.

Monitor for Knowlegde Silos

Isolation Alerts

Get insights into developer isolations and knowledge silos, where only one team member writes and maintains a code component. This is a productivity and team risk. Ensure proper knowledge and work sharing.

Have an Early Warning Radar

Understand Team Pressure

While crunch times happen, always stay on top of all your team's loads and potential struggles. This is even more important when working remotely. Get your Weekly Health reports delivered to your Inbox.

Share the Fun Jobs

Get Work Activity Insights

Logilica's deep analytics computes the type of work the team is working on. Is this new work, maintenance or rework? Ensure the team and each developer finds the right balance. Keep productivity and motivation high.

Drill Deeper. Identify Causes.

Logilica Insights uniquely connects high-level views down to the original data evidence.

Follow the Evidence

Unlike BI and charting tools Logilica's preserves the chain of evidence to the underlying data. Teams can easily identify and stop specific issues before they impact everyone.

Continuous Insights. Continuous Improvements.