Service Focus Areas

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Cyber, DevOps, AI, Automotive

Deep Tech Development

LOGILCIA employs computer science and software development experts ranging from formal methods and software analysis to machine learning and AI.

We help you to accelerate your core technology and deep tech product development to get to market faster with confidence.

We have decades of experience transforming highly complex solutions into products and bringing them to market.


AppSec Services

We provide services and advice around application lifecycle software and security. This includes static analysis (SAST), dynamic security analysis (DAST) and software composition analysis (SCA).

We perform secure code reviews and provide training and workshops to your employees on best practices and secure development.


Automotive Software

We provide services and consultancy around Automotive Compliance standards such as MISRA, CERT, AUTOSAR for your ISO 26262 development.

We work with you on a software compliance strategy and can support you with dedicated tools and services. We help you to develop a roadmap from millions of findings to an improved quality and safety position.

LOGILICA works across the supply chain with OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 vendors, as well as software providers. We help automotive players with tool decisions and DevOps integration.

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