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Data-Driven Engineering for Modern Software Teams


The Future of Product Engineering Is Data-Driven

Logilica transforms product engineering from a dark art to a data-driven science across the software lifecycle.

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Giving Confidence to Engineering Leaders to Deliver Better Products Faster

We believe in Platform Engineering. We believe in crossing the silos of product engineering and business. We believe in data-driven insights to deliver with confidence.

Having decades of product engineering experience we are building the engineering platform for the next generation of leaders.

Modern Teams Need Modern Solutions

engineering team health
engineering team health
data-driven engineering
git analytics for data-driven engineering, jira analytics

We get engineering leadership. We know things can be done better. Simplify your work!

Our History

We created Australia's leading SAST company Goanna in 2012. We exited to multi-billion dollar Silicon Valley company Synopsys in 2015. We founded Logilica in 2019. The journey continues.
Our Pedigree

We grew up in start-ups and enterprises such as Intel and Synopsys. We built successful products like Goanna and Coverity. We understand and experienced the pains of engineering leadership.

Our Typical Customers

data-driven engineering
Are Data-Driven
Our customers understand the value of engineering data and automation. They journey from manual reporting to automated data collection and insights-driven decision making.
team heath of engineering organisations
Are Team Players
Our customers understand that transparency is the key to breaking down silos and sharing success. Our customers are inclusive and enable teams to delivery products with confidence.
software engineering velocity
Iterate Quickly
Our customers understand that time to market is critical for responding to customer needs. Our customers value to ability to deliver faster, more predictability while improving team health.

Grow with confidence. Deliver on time.
Every time.

software delivery prediction AI

Delivery Tracker

Gain insights on data-driven delivery forecasts, risk alerts and progress updates to prioritize for the best business alignment.

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Jira investment allocation

Investment Allocation

Understand which initiatives, teams and features to prioritize for the best business alignment.

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value stream velocity

Team Productivity

Help your team's velocity, deployment frequency and impediments to delivery.

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manage engineering risks

Risk Reduction

Enable predictable delivery by identifying bottlenecks, quality threats and team health issues.

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