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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you need answers to.

What is the Logilica Platform?

Logilica Insights is the developer friendly continuous  improvement assistant enabling high velocity teams in a remote-first world. Logilica’s cloud-native development radar unblocks processes, teams and productivity bottlenecks.

Who is Logilica for?

Logilica Insights is for team leaders of asynchronous development organisations that embrace data-driven engineering.

Logilica assists engineering leaders and teams through insights and automation. Logilica enables engineering leaders (executives, managers, product and tech leads, and lead engineers) to balance the development reality with the plan to proactively manage their teams.

Logilica uses deep analytics for visibility that is not possible with project management or agile task setting tools.

How does Logilica Work?

Logilica Insights connects with Git and DevOps tools, extracts insights and continuously monitors for engineering bottlenecks, risks and team issues, so you don’t have to. Connect, understand and continuously improve.

How does Pricing work?

Logilica Insights has tiered plans to suit the size and stage of your organisation. Seats are counted as engineers who actively contribute to your repositories, i.e., provide value to your organisation.

Your account admin can add additional users to access Logilica Insight dashboards. These may not be active contributors.

Logilica uses its analytics engine to determine how many unique active contributors are in your engineering teams for calculating your billing.

As your team grows and you have more active engineers contributing to your repositories, Logilica will be more and more valuable in driving your growing team’s productivity.

For more questions feel free to reach out to our
sales team.

Can I try it to see if its right for me?

Yes, please sign up for one of our free trials, or talk to us about a PoC for your Enterprise.

What are the payment options and how are we billed?

You are billed annually for the chosen tier and number of contributors. You can cancel or upgrade anytime. You will be invoiced recurrently for credit card payments or, with Scale-Up plans and above, via invoicing.

How do you ensure security?

Each Logilica Insights account has its own domain. Data in your domain is stored encrypted at rest and we use encrypted up and down connections to get data and show insights. More details can be found in our policy section.

Logilica is cloud-based and uses HTTPS protocols for dashboard and repository access.

Access to repositories is via your repositories’ usual authentication using encrypted connections. We support a number of SSO providers.

On-premise/private cloud solutions are supported with our Enterprise plan. If you need a custom integration contact us.

How long does setup take?

Set up is easy and it only takes minutes to connect Logilica Insights to your repo.

How long until I get results?

Once your repo is connected, an initial scan can take from a few minutes to a few hours depending on the size of the repo. We’ll let you know when that’s done.

After that, you will immediately have access to analysis of your historic data and can start gaining insights.

Additional benefits will come over the next days, weeks and months as you continue to use insights to improve your processes and drive engineering team productivity in a developer friendly way.

How much effort is needed to manage Logilica ?

Once connected and scans are running very little ongoing maintenance effort is needed.

That’s the idea, your time is spent where it should be: connecting, understanding and using data to unite your team and improve.

Does it work with my tools?

Logilica Insights is designed to work with all version control systems and many DevOps tools.

We will be successively rolling out additional connectors such as Jira, GitLab on-prem and Bitbucket for Enterprise.

Please contact us to talk about any additional support you need.