Software Engineering INtelligence

Make Reporting Simple

Logilica connects seamlessly to your engineering data so you can report with evidence without interrupting your teams. Show what you need, when you need it.

flow metrics
Stay Aligned

Keeping Stakeholders in the Loop

Avoid surprises and misunderstanding.  Keep everyone on the same page. Report with clear evidence without interrupting your teams.
engineering targets
Align with Business
Demonstrate efficiency and alignment with business goals for smooth delivery operations.
engineering KPIs
Use Best Practices
Ensure stakeholder buy-in with industry standards and customisable best practices.
R&D capitalization
Communicate Value
Get insights where cost and efforts are spent, where the risks are and how you track to delivery goals.
Metrics & Dashboards

Lead with Industry Standards

Start with best practices and industry standards, customise to your organisations needs and lead your data-driven journey. Logilica supports DORA, SPACE, SAFE and more.

DORA metrics
DORA metrics
Goal Alignment

Align with Business

Share insights and data with your teams to create understanding and transparency. Become the team champion for leading a successful delivery organisations.

Smart Forecasting

Share Forecast

Use Logilica's reporting to communicate delivery progress, risks and key forecast data. Align the organisation behind data-driven evidence rather than gut feel.

software delivery forecast
engineering risks
Anomalies & Risks

Communicate Risks Proactively

Use data-driven evidence to show management of delivery and team risks. Demonstrate 360° awareness to create trust and delivery confidence in you and your teams.

Embedded Analytics

Your Metrics. Your Goals. Customize Everything.

Get the engineering data platform you always wanted but couldn't afford to build. Logilica's powerful embedded analytics kick-starts your journey to fully bespoke metrics and dashboards.

DORA metrics
Explore your data

Use our DataStudioTM to explore and query all your engineering data. Bring your data, define your own metrics and goals.

DORA metrics
Tailor everything

Create your own metrics, charts and dashboards. Make the platform yours. Avoid lock-in using our APIs and connectors.

Logilica datalab for custom metrics

Logilica Connects to Your Exisiting Tools

Simply connect your engineering meta data with Logilica to obtain insights out of the box an start tracking towards your operational and delivery goals.