Software Engineering INtelligence

Ensure Smooth Software Delivery

Running software organisations is not easy, but Logilica assist you by providing clear evidence on how you are going and what to watch out for before it is too late.

software delivery prediction AI
Stay Aligned

Improve Time To Market

We crunch all the engineering data so you see can what is going on. Easily assist your teams and report to stakeholders to keep everyone on the same page.
flow metrics
Improve Velocity
Logilica helps you to reduce cycle times, align with business goals and manage team health.
engineering KPIs
Gain Predictability
Get end-to-end insights into your development lifecycle to track your delivery goals.
engineering risks
Tackle Risks
Reduce bottlenecks, resolve blockers and avoid burnout for smooth operations.
Smart Forecasting

Be Predictable

Delivery is more than moving tickets around. Understand each aspect of your delivery pipeline. See how you are progressing towards your  goals. Keep everyone on the same page.

software delivery forecast
software delivery risks
Anomalies & Risks

Manage Risks Proactively

Understand your bottlenecks, how to mitigate development risks and how to unblock your teams. Use Logilica's data-driven evidence to always be one step ahead.

Metrics & Dashboards

Meet Business Expectations

Show evidence of alignment with your business KPIs and OKRs.  Ensure healthy processes and use best practice such as DORA and SPACE with Logilica's baked-in industry standards.

flow metrics
engineering metrics
Goal Alignment

Ensure Delivery Health

Avoid overload and burnout, prevent engineering frustration by sticking to healthy plans and processes. Logilica assists engineering leaders to run productive teams.

Embedded Analytics

Your Metrics. Your Goals. Customize Everything.

Get the engineering data platform you always wanted but couldn't afford to build. Logilica's powerful embedded analytics kick-starts your journey to fully bespoke metrics and dashboards.

DORA metrics
Explore your data

Use our DataStudioTM to explore and query all your engineering data. Bring your data, define your own metrics and goals.

DORA metrics
Tailor everything

Create your own metrics, charts and dashboards. Make the platform yours. Avoid lock-in using our APIs and connectors.

Logilica datalab for custom metrics

Logilica Connects to Your Exisiting Tools

Simply connect your engineering meta data with Logilica to obtain insights out of the box an start tracking towards your operational and delivery goals.