Be Predictable

Improve Your Forecasting

We munch all the engineering data so you see can what is going on. Easily assist your teams and report to stakeholders to keep everyone on the same page.
DORA metrics
Avoid Delivery Delays
Logilica's continuous delivery prediction helps you to track and actively manage your delivery goals.
jira metrics
Use Data Not Gut Feel
By correlating your delivery goals with ticket and coding activities we show what is really happening
dora metrics
Get Risk Alerts
Track bottlenecks, resolve blockers and improve processes for hitting delivery goals with high quality.
AI Forecasting

Track Delivery Goals

Delivery is more than moving tickets around. See what is really going on and how you are progressing towards your delivery goals. Keep everyone on the same page.

engineering KPIs
flow metrics
Anomalies & Bottlenecks

Monitor Delivery Risks

Use Logilica's clear risk dashboards to know when timelines slip.  Get onto the front foot and fix issues before they impact delivery goals. Stay informed across many teams and projects.

Process & QUality

Receive Early Warning Signals

Stay on top of delay indicators such as overloaded teams, slipped sprint plans or unplanned work. Track review coverage and coding activity types to anticipate drops in quality. Let Logilica be your eyes and ears on the ground in busy times.

software delivery forecast

Logilica Connects to Your Exisiting Tools

Simply connect your engineering meta data with Logilica to obtain insights out of the box an start tracking towards your operational and delivery goals.