Track, Analyze and Fix Build Bottlenecks

DORA Metrics

CI/CD Pipeline ObsverabilityBuild pipeline reliability Value stream metrics for Jira.
Focus on what Matters

Reduce Delivery Risk

Do you understand your build and deployment frequency? Do you know how different builds compare? How do build failures impact your velocity? Get transparency out-of-the-box to set direction and focus.

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CI/CD Pipeline Obsverability
Improve Reliability

CI/CD Pipeline Observability

Track your overall reliability and identify your critical CI pipelines. See which pipeline has the most impact on delays and is holding the teams back. Drill down from overviews into details to analyze and fix your bottlenecks.

Improve DELIVERY Speed

Observe Pipelines Across Providers

Quickly track your main delivery flow metrics. Compare across CI/CD pipelines, build providers such as GitHub Actions, CircleCI or Buildkite and see how you trend over time. Identify flakey test and monitor improvements.

dora metrics devops
Simplify Management

Measure. Focus. Fix.

CICD pipeline reliability
Build Explorer

Stay on top of all  pipeline stages.

See all build risks, identify pipeline stage failures, and reliability issues. Filter by branches, duration limits or team sizes. Stay on top of delivery health issues before it is too late. Healthy builds, means happy teams.

Custom Metrics

Build Your Own Cockpit


Logilica DataStudioTM

Get full access to the Logilica data analytics platform driving all insights. Query all data, define your own metrics and create custom charts and dashboards. Contact our sales team for more information.

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