Industry Standard & Custom Tailored

Your Data. Your Reports.

Use Logilica's out-of-the-box report and customer tailor all metrics, charts and reports for your organisation. Make Logilica your engineering data warehouse.
Industry Standards
Logilica supports DORA, SPACE, Flow, SAFe and many best practices.
engineering metrics
Explore your Data
Get visibility across teams and projects and drill down all the way to evidence.
dora metrics dashboard
Custom Reporting
Define custom metrics, charts and reports with Logilica's unique DataStudioTM.
Cycle Times, Risks and Flow

Track KPIs and Trends

Get 50+ of the most common engineering metrics out of the box, customise and build your own reports. Logilica makes it easy to get started, with key industry KPIs already implemented.

DORA SPACE metrics
DORA, SPACE and Flow

Use Industry Benchmarks

Kick-start your data-driven engineering with industry standard such as DORA, SPACE, Flow or SAFe. Logilica's templates makes it a breeze reporting to stakeholders in their language.


Tailor to Your Needs

Logilica enables you to bring your own metrics, define charts and dashboards. Customise everything and let our experts guide you to implement solutions bespoke to your organisation.

logilica dashboard

Logilica Connects to Your Exisiting Tools

Simply connect your engineering meta data with Logilica to obtain insights out of the box an start tracking towards your operational and delivery goals.