Manage Software Delivery with Confidence

Git Analytics

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Process Velocity

Ensure Smooth Delivery

Do you have a birds-eye view across all your engineering teams and product lines? Do you know where teams get stuck? Do you know where to focus your time to help? Get transparency out-of-the-box to unstuck teams and processes.

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Developer Experience

Manage Team Health

Do you understand the load of your teams? Do you know when staff are at risk of burnouts? Balance productivity with team capacity. Get early warning signals in a remote-first world to proactively counter frustrations and team health risks.

Review Workflows

Continuous Flow Improvements

Quickly track your main process flow metrics. Ensure that reviews are not forgotten. See how you trend and drill down to PR details to investigate anomalies. Help teams by unblocking process bottlenecks.

Git analytics for PR review workflow
software engineering risks

Reduce Blockers

Get visibility into blockers and stress signals. Too many tasks to handle? PRs growing too big and complex? Too much  context switching?  Stay on top where help and resourcing is needed.


Manage your Flow. Ship Faster.

Stay on top of your open PRs, blockers and important flow metrics. Avoid late surprises with transparency and clear team communication. Logilica helps to make your stand-ups a breeze.

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Simplify Management

Risk Alerts

manage engineering risks

Mitigate Risks with Live Insights

See risk alerts for stale pull requests, risky changes or missing reviews. Stay on top of team health issues before it is too late. Always be in the loop.

Custom Dashboards

Build Your Own Cockpit


Logilica DataLabTM

Get full access to the Logilica data analytics platform driving all insights. Query all data, define your own metrics and create custom charts and dashboards. Contact our sales team for more information.

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