About Us

About Logilica

Data-Driven Software Engineering for Modern Teams
On a MIsson to Painless Engineering Management

Our Story

Logilica was founded  with the mission to bring clarity to software development organisations through data-driven insights instead of running on gut feel alone.


We developed software and managed teams in startups as well as organisations with product lines worth 100s of millions of dollars. We know the pain to deliver fast and reliably.


In 2019 we brought together an experienced high-velocity team of software engineers and leaders  from companies such as Synopsys/Coverity, Goanna Software and Intel Labs to make software engineering management just a little less painful and much more productive.

Leadership Team

Bringing together decades of software engineering leadership.

Ralf Huuck

CEO & Founder

Chunxiao Lin

Technology & Strategy

Dean McGregor

Analytics & Cloud

Anderson Ku

AI & Big Data


309 Kent St, Sydney