Engineering Intelligence at DeveloperWeek Enterprise

Join Logilica at DeveloperWeek Enterprise 2022

Logilica, a leader in data-driven engineering and engineering intelligence solutions, will be presenting at DeveloperWeek Enterprise for the "Dev Leadership and Management" track with talks from our friends Snyk, CircleCI, Synopsys Inc, GitHub, Capital One and Microsoft.

In an industry dominated by distributed and remote teams, technical leadership faces renewed and mounting challenges. How do we make the right decisions without being physically surround by our team members and how do we predict delivery progress without interrupting the flow of teams? Engineering Intelligence is an emerging trend that uses data-driven measurements and analytics from existing lifecycle tool chains to support leadership teams in getting the insights they need at almost real-time. Modern agile engineering processes and platform approaches provide the ideal opportunity to get this full end-to-end visibility into software delivery processes to identify and remove flow bottlenecks, and to move to a transparent data-driven team culture.

This talk explores the latest trends in Engineering Intelligence, how to implement it and how this will impact future generations of engineering and DevOps leaders.We will cover:

  • data sources and key metrics to track for predictable delivery,
  • how to design a data-analytics overlay for modern engineering leadership,
  • success criteria for adoption and bridging traditional company silos.

"We are delighted being invited to Developer Week to share our experience on using engineering intelligence to build healthy and productive software delivery teams"  said Ralf Huuck, Founder and CEO of Logilica. Ralf will present on the challenges and solutions to  delivering faster with better visibility in an remote or hybrid work environment.

About Logilica

Logilica is the engineering intelligence platform that gives software leaders unrivalled visibility into their engineering workflows and software delivery health.  By automating the power of Value Stream Analytics for software engineering and platform teams, organizations are able to stay on top of their software development pipelines, reduce engineering team friction and delivery with more confidence.

Logilica was formed in 2019 by a team of passionate engineers and business leaders coming out of Synopsys, Intel Labs and DATA61/CSIRO with a vision to simplify modern software engineering management and delivery streams. Logilica insights into the working pattern of over 30,000 engineers helps them to guide their customers on a journey to best of class engineering practices.

Ralf Huuck
Founder & CEO
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