Logilica becomes Synopsys Alliance Partner

SYDNEY, NSW — 28 February 2023. Logilica, a leader in value stream analytics, today announced  becoming a Synopsys Technology Alliance Partner. Renowned for their leadership in the application security testing market Synopsys features flagship products such as Coverity, Black Duck and CodeDx to enable secure development across the supply chain.

“By joining the Synopsys partner program we are able to bring data-driven intelligence across the software lifecycle and fuse high-performance delivery with security compliance, bridging the previous silos of security and engineering teams” said Ralf Huuck, CEO, Logilica. “Being able to bring out-of-the-box visibility across the SDLC is critical to create immediate delivery confidence and justify the ROI of modern tool chains”.

Logilica seamlessly integrates with leading SLDC products for comprehensive visibility and predictive delivery. Its unique DataLab enables enterprise users to grow further through customisation, in-house KPIs and integration into upstream board reporting.

About Logilica

Logilica Insights is the value stream intelligence platform for fast moving software development teams. Logilica fuses the power of  Git, Jira and DevOps insights to enable data-driven engineering organisations. Logilica reaches across silos, creates improved organisational visibility, and enables predictable software delivery.

Logilica was formed in 2019 by a team of passionate engineers and business leaders coming out of Synopsys, Intel Labs and DATA61/CSIRO with a vision to simplify modern software engineering management and delivery predictably through data-driven insights. Logilica's platform serves customers around the globe.‍

Ralf Huuck
Founder & CEO
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