Logilica for Enterprise

Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Governance

Manage all your engineering data and your resource investments across the organisation. Estimate resource allocation and define customer KPIs and ROI.

logilica vpc
VPC Hosting

Dedicated Infrastructure

Logilica supports dedicated infrastructure meeting your organisation's needs. This includes virtual private clouds as well as deployment in your own AWS or Google Cloud Compute infrastructure. Talk to our solution architects for more details.

BYO Data Sources

Custom Data Integrations

Benefit from Logilica's ELT data pipeline and bring your own data sources. We integrate to custom tools and connectors through API's and open interfaces. We help you to build your enterprise engineering reporting platform.

DORA metrics. Humanitec. Platform engineering.
DORA consulting

Tailored Solutions

Import from custom issue tracking, ticketing or security testing tools? Need to connect with your exisiting Snowflake, Postgres or Excel data? Let us help you getting up and running quickly. Talk to our solution team today.

DORA metrics
Bring your data

Use our first class connectors, or push your JSON / CSV data to Logilica's open web API .

DORA metrics
Define your KPIs

Use Logilica's DataStudioTM to define your own queries and metrics.

flow metrics
Create dashboards

Customize exisiting charts, and dashboards or define your own with our UI builder.

SPACE metrics
Share with your org

Invite team members to collaborate and executives to view custom reports.