Logilica Insights Features


Logilica Insights Assistant
Data-Driven Engineering

Your personal assistant for managing development teams.

Assisting your day-to-day activity with live data and actions for team improvement. It is like having an extra person on board.

Data-Driven Engineering

Live Dashboards and Insights

Always live-connected to your Git and DevOps systems Logilica ensures you can stay on top even at busy times without interrupting the development teams. Your cockpit for better management.

Know When to Act

Notification Assistant

Always stay in the loop. Receive role-dependent alerts and insights. Let team members sign up and act when and where they need. Team leaders stay aware and don't need to interfere. Get automated summary reports for management meetings.

Data-Driven Engineeriung

Ecosystem Integration

Logilica Insights comes with connectors for repository systems, planning tools and issue tracking. Logilica also has a Web API for custom data source and is extensible and customisable for the enterprise user. Make Logilica your singe source of truth to better manage teams.

Investigate Bottlenecks

Over 50 Built-In Metrics

Logilica Insights fuses meta-data to live compute process and progress metrics available. You can customise your own reports and success criteria for sharing with your teams. All metrics can be drilled down to raw evidence to ensure data consistency.

Data-Driven Engineering

Integrated Data Lab

Enterprise users get access to the Logilica Insights data analytics platform driving all insights. Query all data, define your own metrics and create custom charts and dashboards. Contact our sales team for more information.

SingLe Sign On and More

Enterprise Readiness

Logilica has been working with some of the largest companies and data providers. We support a growing system of SSO providers. We offer dedicated AWS servers as well as VPC solutions. Speak to our sales teams for more information.

At A Glance

Get Started in Minutes.
Make Continuous Improvements.

We support startup teams that need an automated assistant to enterprises that require integration across the DevOps tool chain.

Live Connection to your Git

Built-in connectors for GitHub, GitLab and more. We securely scan meta-data for building your live development radar.

Team Dashboards for All

Get all your insights in one cockpit, drill down into the raw data, report and always stay on top. Improve together.

Notifications and Insights Reports

Get notified when you need to take action. Get insights emails about how to improve. Our assistant take care of the tedious tasks.

Scale across the SDLC as you Grow

We continuously add more DevOps connectors. By bringing in more data you get more insights and transparency.

Custom Data Analytics

Logilica Insights supports custom reporting, data analytics and configurations for tailored improvement journeys.

High Availability and Secure

Logilica Insights supports dedicated AWS instances, encryption at rest and in transit, as well as a range of SSO providers.

Continuous Insights. Continuous Improvements.