Logilica platform

Manage Your DevOps Data Lifecycle

Value Stream Metrics for platform engineeringEngineering Team Health Risk. Engineering metrics.Jira epics forecast for value stream metrics
Product Management

Progress, Risks and Forecasts

See all your project planning activities across boards, teams and projects. Slice and dice all data as you need it. Manage your investment focus, lead times and risks to delivery schedules.

Jira investment allocation
value stream velocity
Software Development

Velocity, Reviews and Team Health

See all your coding activities across teams and projects. Slice and dice all data as you need it. Manage your cycle time, review coverage and blockers efficiently to keep things moving smoothly.


Pipelines, Delays and DORA Metrics

See ally our build and deployment activities across teams and pipelines. Slice and dice all data as you need it. Stay on top of blockers, lead times, and MTTR to create healthy delivery pipelines for smooth deployments.

DORA metrics. Humanitec. Platform engineering.
Simplify Management

Risk Alerts

manage engineering risks

Mitigate Risks with Live Insights

See risk alerts for stale tickets, sprint overruns, missing reviews and process quality issues. Stay on top of delivery health issues before it is too late. Be one step ahead.

Custom Dashboards

Query Builder


Metrics DataStudioTM

Get full access to the Logilica Insights data analytics platform driving all insights. Query all data, define your own metrics and create custom charts and dashboards. Contact our sales team for more information.

Logilica datalab for custom metrics
engineering metrics

BYO data? No problem!

Import from custom issue tracking, build or testing tools? Logilica's open platform enables your custom requirements without lock-in.

DORA metrics
Bring your data

Use our first class connectors, or push your JSON / CSV data to Logilica's open web API .

DORA metrics
Define your metrics

Use Logilica's DataStudioTM to define your own queries and metrics.

flow metrics
Create dashboards

Customize exisiting charts, and dashboards or define your own with our UI builder.

SPACE metrics
Share with your org

Invite team members to collaborate and executives to view custom reports.