Telemetry for Agile Software Teams

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Data-Driven Engineering

For Agile Team Leaders

If you run Scrum teams, Kanban, SAFe or any other agile methodology, managing remote or distributed teams is not easy. In this White Paper we explore how to use data-driven telemetry to assist you in running agile teams.

Agile development comes with its challenges, especially if you are running more than one project or more than one team. How do you manage risks, unblock processes, and always stay on top in a remote-first world?

Learn About

  • Key telemetry and metrics for agile teams
  • Balance velocity, quality and team heatlh
  • Automating insights to save you time
Automated telemetry and metrics can help, to quickly see where attention is needed and where things are running smoothly.  This white paper is outlining some of the key metrics that help you to manage agile teams, some common pitfalls and the value of an engineering management platform to manage agile teams.

You should read this if...

  • You are running agile processes
  • You manage several teams or projects
  • You like to give teams the freedom to deliver
  • You are short of time to stay on top
  • You pan to move to data-driven insights
Used by teams, development managers, and CTOs to improve engineering velocity, throughput and team health for more predictable software delivery.
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