Manage your engineering productivity to execute with confidence

Logilica brings visibility to engineering leaders to manage their velocity, DevEx health, and  team alignment with business priorities.

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Value stream metrics for engineering intelligence
Software Engineering INtelligence

The Engineering Productivity Hub

CI/CD Pipeline Obsverability
Easy Data Ingestion
One-click connectors and APIs to your existing platform tools to ingest engineering data without moving a finger or filling in a spreadsheet.
Engineering Intelligence Dashboard
Out-of--the-Box Insights
Prebuilt reports and analytics for humans. Track and optimize your investment effort, risks, and delivery speed. Effortlessly, automatically.
Logilica datalab for custom metrics
Custom Analytics
Benefit from our open ELT data pipeline to ingest your own data, define your own metrics and dashboards, and create custom insights in minutes.
Kickstart Data-Driven Engineering

See. Manage. Optimize.  

Manage Productivity
Track your engineering investment, velocity, and delivery risks.
Lead Time Improvement
Improve Team Health
Remove blockers, delays and frustrations for a better DevEx.
Risk Reduction
Ready to Go
Don't reinvent the wheel. Use our purpose-built ELT platform.
Cost Saving
Key Features

Software engineering intelligence for all your productivity needs

Delivery Flow Metrics
Automate insights on your  delivery predictions, engineering workflows and DORA goals.
Investment Prioritization
Stay on top of your effort allocation, developer workflows and CI/CD build pipelines.
Team Health Risks
Reduce team overloads, process blockers and CI delays for improved delivery flow and better DevEx.
Data-Driven Evidence
Not just metrics,  but end-to-end evidence trails through our ELT deep data correlation.
Custom Analytics
Create your own metrics, charts and dashboards with our powerful built-in DataLabTM.
Enterprise Readiness
Built on SOC 2 infrastructure, OAuth, strong encryption, and optional VPC deployments.

Works with your existing
engineering platform tools.

CircleCi dashboard for metrics and analytics.
CircleCi dashboard for metrics and analytics.
GitLab metrics and analytics. Value stream analytics with Logilica.

Keep track of what is important.

Avoid the chaos of growing engineering teams and demanding delivery timelines. Get real-time insights and unblock teams, processes and delivery flows.
"Logilica has given us the transparency we needed to stay on top of multiple product lines to execute with confidence."
Head of Product
Value stream metrics for Jira
Engineering Team Health Risk. Engineering metrics.

Connect your platform or bring your own data

Platform engineering and DevOps integrations for Logilica Engineering Intelligence