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Data-Driven Engineering means Faster Delivery

Get insights across GitHub, GitLab, and DevOps tools. Remove bottlenecks to help teams with predictable software delivery.

Logilica Insights

Simplify software development with data-driven management.

Logilica connects with Git and DevOps tools, fuses analytic insights and automates tedious tasks for continuous improvement.

Predictable Delivery

Automated actions for: Missing or late code reviews. Unexpected code rework. Delays from bottlenecks.

Increased Velocity

Automate guidance on: Reducing cycle times. Improving task throughput. Removing blockers.

Healthier Teams

Automate alerts on: Developer task overload. Unhealthy work patterns. Knowledge isolation.

Insights Automation

Your personal assistant for managing development teams.

Assisting your day-to-day activity with live data and actions for team improvement. It is like having an extra person on board.

Understand What Happened

Retrospective Insights

No need to disrupt your development teams. Always get live snapshots of your projects, see how you have been trending over time and quickly track your main metrics. Receive Logilica Insights reports to your inbox.

Manage The Now

Notification Assistant

Always stay in the loop. Receive role-dependent alerts and insights. Be aware of missing reviews, long cycle times or increasing team load leading to blockers. Act in time and keep teams moving.

Optimize the Future

Agile and DORA Metrics

Start your journey to data-driven software engineering. Get evidence of what has been working and why. Set directions as a team and share your progress automatically.

20% faster delivery
26% increased throughput
30% reduced cycle time

 Industry benchmarks.

Continuous Team Improvement

Get the insights to make data-driven decision. Automatically keep that data in sync with your DevOps tools. Automate tedious tasks, and continuously improve team performance.

Our partners and Integrations


Get Started in Minutes.
Make Continuous Improvements.

We support startup teams that need an automated assistant to enterprises that require integration across the DevOps tool chain.

Live Connection to your Git

Built-in connectors for GitHub, GitLab and more. We securely scan meta-data for building your live development radar.

Team Dashboards for All

Get all your insights in one cockpit, drill down into the raw data, report and always stay on top. Improve together.

Notifications and Insights Reports

Get notified when you need to take action. Get insights emails about how to improve. Our assistant take care of the tedious tasks.

Scale across the SDLC as you Grow

We continuously add more DevOps connectors. By bringing in more data you get more insights and transparency.

Custom Data Analytics

Logilica Insights supports custom reporting, data analytics and configurations for tailored improvement journeys.

High Availability and Secure

Logilica Insights supports dedicated AWS instances, encryption at rest and in transit, as well as a range of SSO providers.

News and Articles

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Logilica at CyberCon 2021

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Sydney — July 13, 2021. Today Logilica, a leader in developer-first value stream analytics solutions, announced their participation at TechCrunch

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