Webinar: Key DevOps Metrics

Key DevOps metrics to improve your engineering setup

Successful engineering teams are able to ship quickly, repeatedly and reliably. Key insights such as the team’s velocity, their DORA metrics or their flow metrics help to track the team’s idea-to-shipping performance. Faster iterations mean higher agility and ideally higher customer satisfaction. This, however, requires telematics to get Formula One-like fine tuning.

In this webinar we discuss how to establish such telematics based on existing lifecycle data, such as Git metadata, Jira tickets and Internal Developer Platform (IDP) logs. Ralf will show how to automatically identify bottlenecks, track risks and avoid delays. Together with Humanitec’s lead QA engineer Nils, he’ll give a number of examples on how to build a holistic delivery platform.

They will walk through:

  • Key concepts of data-driven engineering
  • How to define the right metrics and how to track them in an end-to-end platform setup
  • Hands-on experience in establishing a data-driven delivery cockpit

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To learn more about the value of flow metrics for your organisation speak to one of our friendly team members, who can walk you through the Logilica platform to see if we are a good match for you. If you are sold, you can even sign up right here yourself and get started in as quickly as 15min to see your own engineering flow metrics!

Ralf Huuck
Founder & CEO of Logilica
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