Logilica announces Open SEI Platform release

SYDNEY, NSW — 08 November 2023. Logilica, a leader for Software Engineering Intelligence (SEI), today announced their support for open interfaces to their engineering analytics data warehouse and platform. Logilica enables enterprises now to bring their own software lifecycle data and upload them through Logilica’s published APIs, opening up their flagship platform to a wide variety of tools and solutions.

Logilica is already supporting data from tools such as Jira, GitHub, Gitlab, Azure DevOps, Buildkite, Snyk and Humanitec with their first class connectors. By adding open APIs customers can now integrate data that is stored by less common software tools or even in traditional spreadsheets or local databases. This enables enterprises to bring their whole engineering data into one central place for managing their engineering insights and related business outcomes.

Simultaneously, Logilica also introduced export APIs that enable customers to query, extract and build on top of the engineering analytics, forecast, and insights computed in the Logilica SEI Platform. This opens up immense benefits for enterprise clients to apply additional AI/ML computation for post-processing and also to avoid vendor lock-in. Instead of building costly internal platforms Logilica provides a fully-fledged engineering intelligence solution that enables anyone to kick-start their engineering intelligence journey and build customisations on top of it.

Logilica Open Architecture

“By opening our platform – both for public data import and export – we enable enterprise-level data flexibility and interfaces for the AI/ML integrations of the future” said Ralf Huuck, CEO of Logilica. “We understand that enterprises and their platform engineering teams require the scale and flexibility to build internal products quickly and we are here to support them on their important data journey”.

Currently, the Open SEI Platform APIs are in private beta with key customers, but will be rolled out successively to the public throughout 2024. Logilica is actively engaging with industry leaders working on standardized interfaces across the industry. For anyone interested to learn more or join the initiatives contact Logilica at contact@logilica.com.


About Logilica

Logilica is the software engineering intelligence platform for fast moving software development teams. Logilica fuses the power of  Git, Jira and DevOps insights to enable data-driven engineering organisations. Logilica reaches across silos, creates improved organisational visibility, and enables predictable software delivery.

Logilica was formed in 2019 by a team of passionate engineers and business leaders coming out of Synopsys, Intel Labs and DATA61/CSIRO with a vision to simplify modern software engineering management and delivery predictably through data-driven insights. Logilica's platform serves customers around the globe.‍

Ralf Huuck
Founder & CEO
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