Logilica at Developer Week 2022

Sydney — December 13, 2021. Join Logilica and 8,000+ developers and engineers at the world’s largest Developer Conference & Expo Series. Logilica, a leader in data-driven engineering platforms, will be presenting at Developer Week 2022 on strategies for "Data-Driven Engineering Management for a Remote-First World".

"Remote work is the new normal, and data-driven engineering becomes a critical component to stay ahead of the daily delivery challenges for development teams and their managers" said Dr Ralf Huuck, Founder and CEO of Logilica. Ralf will show examples from their 27,000 developer strong platform on how teams thrive on data and how engineering intelligence can assist organisations to deliver fast and predictably.

At Logilica we are excited to present alongside our friends from Microsoft, Google, Netflix and Paypal to name just a few.  

We invite our customers partners around the globe to join the lineup of experts and meeting some of the leading developer and engineering management minds.

About Logilica

Logilica Insights is the engineering intelligence platform for fast moving software development teams. Logilica fuses the power of  Git, Jira and DevOps insights to enable data-driven engineering teams. Logilica reaches across silos, creates improved organisational visibility, and enables predictable software delivery.

Logilica was formed in 2019 by a team of passionate engineers and business leaders coming out of Synopsys, Intel Labs and DATA61/CSIRO with a vision to simplify modern software engineering management and delivery predictably through data-driven insights. Logilica's platform serves customers around the globe.

Ralf Huuck
Founder & CEO of Logilica
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