MISRA Compliance:2020 and Other Panic Attacks

We are delighted to being invited again to Germany’s leading embedded software conference the ESE Kongress.

We will be focusing on the MISRA language standard as commonly used in the automotive, avionics and wider safety critical space and educate about the importance of MISRA Compliance as defined in 2020.

MISRA can be overwhelming for new projects and it is essential to understand the constraints as well as the freedoms regarding MISRA compliance. We will help you planning your MISRA mission and enable you moving from a potential state of panic to a strategy and to a roadmap towards compliance. Join Logilica’s CEO Dr Ralf Huuck to map your own MISRA journey.



LOGILICA is the leading solution provider for digital transformation of teams, processes and organisations. We offer software intelligence products and services for DevOps delivery, digital productivity and software compliance. Logilica empowers software teams across the enterprise by capturing and fusing software development data into actionable insights.

Ralf Huuck
Founder & CEO of Logilica
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