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Logilica is the one-stop data analytics and reporting layer for the whole engineering organisation and we just got better with new integrations and end-to-end  visibility. Learn more about how Logilica helps to make your platform engineering data accessible by all to make the right decisions at the right time.

What is Platform Engineering?

Modern fast-moving enterprises have been at pains to holistically manage large scale software deployment pipelines as well as their operations in a cloud-native area. To do so requires cutting across the traditional silos of engineering teams, DevOps groups and site reliability engineers.  

Platform engineering is the discipline of bringing infrastructure, processes and workflows together to enable organisations to deliver cloud-native products fast, repeatedly and reliably.  As such platform teams combine experts from engineering, DevOps and SDR to name a few.

While there are many flavours and approaches to platform engineering there is a common understanding that platforms should abstract from the nitty-gritty to deploy, scale, and operate applications. Moreover, they should enable self-serving for engineering teams. Platforms empower engineering teams to focus on feature and product development rather than duck-taping tools and home-grown pieces of scripts together.

In other words, platform engineering is the art of providing the building blocks for the assembly lines that enable company growth.

How can Logilica help?

Logilica provides a seamless and easy-to-access data platform for all your software engineering and delivery pipeline data. Think a pre-built PowerBI for all your engineering needs to deliver quicker and more reliably.

Logilica has already been supporting development and deployment teams with out-of-the-box insights across a range of software lifecycle and delivery stages. For instance, Logilica connects to planning tools such as Jira and repositories like GitHub and GitLab to give engineering leaders live observability into the health and velocity of their engineering organisation.

Engineering leaders have been using  Logilica for staying on top of remote teams’ activities, identifying development and delivery bottlenecks, and optimising their internal productivity value stream from inception to delivery.

Now Logilica is significantly broadening their end-to-end visibility by ingesting build and deployment information, bridging both data from engineering and classical DevOps teams.

Logilica out-of-the box insights dashboards strongly subscribe to the self-serve, ease-of-use approach that platform engineers strive to bring to their internal developers.

We enable internal development and platform teams to quickly spin up out-of-the box observability and insights across tool chains. As such we are relieving platform teams to build and maintain their own technology stacks and let them focus on providing the underlying tools and infrastructure.

Logilica Deployment Observability

Logilica now supports pre-packaged insights for internal developer platforms such as Humanitec’s IDP. This means, you get out-of-the box status tracking of deployments, apps, and environments.

Logilica tracks information around deployments types and environments, application states and much more. Logilica integrates with custom API metrics and can be tailored for enterprise needs.

DORA Metrics

On top of this Logilica provide DORA metrics directly from your IDP or build systems such as GitHub Actions, GitLab Pipelines or CircleCI and make it much easier to stay on top of your build and deployment performance.

Key insights, such as the team’s velocity and their DORA metrics or their flow metrics, help to track the team’s idea-to-shipping performance. Faster iterations mean higher agility and ideally higher customer satisfaction. Logilica provides the telematics to get Formula One-like tuning of your engineering processes.

To learn more: watch our Webinar or speak to one of our team members to learn how we can solve your deployment visibility problem.

Feature Planning Insights

Provide your product teams with out-of-the-box insights for product planning and feature management through our Jira connection. We enable teams to understand their investment allocation, feature lead time and planning risks.

Logilica’s self-serve setup enables product teams to get going in a matter of minutes.

Jira planning insights

Engineering Velocity

Want to enable engineering teams stay of top of their velocity, bottlenecks and process risks? Support teams with standup and retrospective insights? Logilica’s integration with repository systems such as GitHub and GitLab creates a powerful platform to assist engineering productivity and makes it much easier to stay on top in a fast moving, distributed world.

Logilica engineering velocity

Need to manage visibility?

To learn more about the value of flow metrics for your organisation speak to one of our friendly team members, who can walk you through the Logilica platform to see if we are a good match for you.

Ralf Huuck
Founder & CEO
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